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Leading Futurists LLC serves corporations, trade and professional associations, government agencies, and non-profits

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We will help you achieve positive change through:

Scans and trend insights to build a clearer picture of the emerging environment. Whatever your expertise, you may often want a broader picture that can help you distinguish important change from the unimportant, and to capture weak signals that spell impending issues. We can provide that broader picture with trends, trend insights, and an interpretation of their emerging significance for your area.

Keynote presentations by expert futurists to reshape internal assumptions. Your organization may need us to come in and shake up internal thinking about the topics everyone knows so well. Even knowledge, expertise, and experience can be blindsided by an unexpected and unanticipated event. We can alert your group to the future, both expected and unexpected.

Foresight workshops to identify the emerging climate for current products, services, and brands. These events can help planners, marketers, and new product development people be more aware of potential changes in values, markets, technologies, lifestyles, and attitudes that can significantly affect what people do.

Training in how to use futures tools to discover new business ideas, and gain early warning of issues that might affect organizational success. This training builds the capacity of anyone in the organization to widen their field of view and to enhance their ability to work with the complexity of the unfolding future.

Scenarios for exploring the potential for new business models and strategies. Though they are not predictions, knowledge-based scenarios are powerful tools for communicating potential future opportunities and threats.

Identification of new opportunities with you and your colleagues. What’s the need in your organization? Should key people be involved in a “futures day” that examines what needs to be done to successfully push the organization into the future? We will work with you to help determine, and promote the change interventions that your organization needs.