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Is our business model effective for the future?

We were taken aback recently to read in the comments on a defense of futurists by futurist Paul Higgins, aka “futuristpaul,” that if companies were not able to see the value of foresight and working with a futurist, then maybe the problem is in the company’s business model and not in the futurist’s advice.

It could be just the futurist’s notorious tendency to throw out the baby and the bathwater and start over from the beginning to build a new system. On the other hand, maybe there’s a grain of truth here, or a fleck of baby powder at least.

As most of us know, one of the reasons why foresight isn’t attractive to the successful business is because of reluctance to change what works well today. Futurists don’t say you _should_change. We argue that the future will _make_ you change! You had better do it deliberately, and with an enhanced sense of opportunity in the future.

Most companies would do well to spend at least a fraction of their time considering the “what-ifs?” that might force sudden or unexpected change. It’s important to ask, is our business model robust against these potential changes?

If the answer is “no” then there is work to do. A foresight session is a place to start.