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The Future of Packaging

Leveraging foresight for business success

Through three decades of collaboration exploring the future for packaging and allied sectors Leading Futurists LLC partnered with the packaging strategic consultancy PTIS have built unique capabilities for helping organizations explore and interpret transformational changes emerging in the marketplace. A signature offering is our triennial Future of Packaging multi-sponsor program.

With our knowledge base on packaging’s future and our proven approaches to helping organizations in and adjacent to the packaging sector, we can help you align for innovation and chart your course forward.

How we can help you meet your goals


  • Workshops – on emerging trends and exploring the future shaping packaging
  • Leading-edge technology – scouting new materials, production, energy, etc. technology that will transform packaging and drive new opportunities in the sector
  • Emerging issues – helping you identify, understand, and respond to issues affecting the sector
  • Trend updates – for the packaging sector, exploring the transforming marketplace, new economy, digital transformation, advance of e-commerce, sustainability / circular economy, industry collaborations, etc.
  • Whitespace ideation – for exploring potential opportunities in packaging, driving to innovation and growth for your business


  • Strategic foresight workshops – interpreting emerging change and driving to strategic decisions for your packaging operations
  • Packaging change consulting – our experts working with your team to advance thinking, identify opportunities and new challenges, and align products and practices with emerging trends
  • Future of Packaging 2030 sponsorship – even though the meetings are over, your company can still sponsor the program and have interactive workshops to bring in house the insights, reports, and topline summary from the full program
  • Futureproofing – we audit your packaging formats, processes, and operations vis-à-vis emerging change, new requirements, and untapped opportunities


  • Briefings – Knowledge leader talks on emerging change and the future shaping your packaging
  • Keynote talks – on the future shaping your packaging for corporate events, leadership meetings


  • Foresight tools and techniques – “how to” workshops on foresight techniques you can use in your organization
  • Scenario building and interpretation – exploring the deep, rich futures ahead of us to discover new opportunities and challenges in your future
  • 3 Horizons thinking — harnessing the power of this model to help you find new space in your organization for longer-range thinking even as you attend to more immediate management needs

The Future of Packaging 2030

Leading Futurists LLC and its partner Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions led their seventh Future of Packaging multi-sponsor program during 2019.

The Future of Packaging, is an invitation-only, triennial event that leverages the knowledge of a team of foresight and packaging experts to explore leading edge change and chart new strategies for packaging organizations. The 2030 program offered a future view of the packaging industry and the influences most likely to affect it over the next decade. Sponsors experience the future in the program by building scenarios that challenge their ideas about potential outcomes for today’s changes.

We anticipate the next next Future of Packaging multi-sponsor program for 2022, with sponsorships available by mid-2021. For more, contact John Mahaffie by email or 202-271-0444.

Examples of recent keynote talks and workshops:

“The Future of Packaging: Exploring 2030 challenges and opportunities,” New York, New York, July 2019.

“Imagining 2027: The Future Shaping Packaging,” Empack 2017 Helsinki, October 12, 2017. [PDF of SLIDES].

“The World in 2026, or, Six Tomorrows for Packaging,” Future of Packaging multi-sponsor program, 2016.

“Imagining 2025: The Future Shaping Packaging.” SONOCO Institute, October 2, 2014. LINK

“Imagining the 2038 DuPont Packaging Awards,” DuPont Packaging Awards, May 16, 2013.

“New Truths for 2035: Transformational Changes That Will Reshape Global Society,” Institute for Paper Science and Technology, Georgia Tech, February 5, 2013.

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For more information, please contact John Mahaffie, Principal, Leading Futurists LLC at jbmahaffie@leadingfuturists.biz or 202-271-0444