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We want to help your people think differently!

Discover exciting ideas of the future. Encounter the shock of the new! We simply won’t get where we want to be by doing what we always did! We are re-inventing ourselves daily – why not you? And, yes, sometimes it is painful!

Being successful today requires a certain set of skills and knowledge useful in tough economic times. Do we know what it will take to be successful tomorrow? We will need different skills and abilities, conceptual as well as hands-on. Consider using our services to get a kickstart on the future. Everything we offer can be tailored to your specific needs:

Futures Workshops—get beyond today’s constraints to develop the future of the business.  “We’ve been really responding to the very positive feedback of this event and putting a shape to our next steps.”

Keynote Talks and/or Briefings on the Future—bring information on future global markets, changing consumer aspirations, the potential implications of changes in technologies, or alternative business models to your in-house audience or outside conference.  “Your futurist view caused some of our attendees to step back and look at change from a different perspective.”

Consulting—help in solving any problem for which a better knowledge of the future may be the answer. “I want to thank you so much for our last meeting. I feel like we made some amazing headway.”

Integral Analysis—developing scenarios and future prospects for products and applications through “whole society” thinking. “Your material (is) very effective in getting people to think about certain areas in a way that has never been discussed.”

Environmental Scanning—be able to integrate information about driving forces and future expectations into today’s thinking/action.  “We raised the awareness level and that’s a good first step.”

Who We Are Jennifer Jarratt and John Mahaffie are leading futurists who work with well-tested methods and techniques for exploring, engaging, and interpreting the future for its practical and business real outcomes. “These newsletters just keep getting better and better. The response here has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Engage Us in Your Future and Get a FREE Consultation We’d like to offer a completely FREE consultation with you for you to decide if our futures knowledge and services can help you with a specific problem. No obligation at all—and you might get some useful ideas from our discussion!

How to do Business With Us We’ll be glad to give you a reasonable quote. A letter of agreement will get us started. Contact us:

John Mahaffie, 202-271-0444 and jbmahaffie@leadingfuturists.biz

  Jennifer Jarratt, 202-270-0903 and jjarratt@leadingfuturists.biz

PS: Thinking like a futurist can calm the pace of change Life is getting confusing these days, with the pace of change escalating. Thinking a bit more like a futurist can bring a sense of rationality and anticipation to change, “Oh yes, I anticipated that – and we’re ready!”