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Workforce Futures Framework — Creating Your Talent Blueprint

An organization’s future success depends on anticipating potential challenges and opportunities. A customized futures analysis of the forces impacting your workforce can help build a framework for change. We help you apply foresight tools to generate effective insight for sound, long-term workforce strategies. Deeper insights into current and future talent needs give you the time you need to prepare and ensure your organization has the right talent. Know how to anticipate your organization’s talent needs and to use futures insight to successfully frame targeted workforce plans and actions. Contact us at 202-270-0903 or jjarratt@leadingfuturists.biz to find out more.

Program outcomes include a forward-looking assessment of the talent portfolio needed to drive future business strategies, which will inform and frame your strategic workforce planning process.

Here are four steps for action:

Step 1: Exploring Changing Conditions

  • Gain an introduction to foresight and its role in strengthening your talent management strategies
  • Receive customized research on demographic, social, economic and technical trends
  • Integrate an external perspective on the challenges and emerging conditions affecting your organization

Step 2: Crafting Scenarios* for the next Decade

  • Explore scenarios of your working future in ten years developed specifically with and for you
  • Professional futurists and HR consultants tailor their research and analysis to your concerns

Step 3: Implications and Conclusions (facilitated meetings)

  • Share executive summaries and detailed reports on opportunities and challenges in your working future with others who need to know
  • Explore alternative future views and decipher the impact of these on your work, workforce
  • Participate in facilitated conversations to develop a shared view of your preferred future

Step 4: Workforce Planning Strategy: using the Framework 

  • Use futures concepts to educate decision-makers about the value of thinking forward
  • Spot emerging and future talent gaps and needs
  • Adjust and align workforce strategies targeted to a preferred future
  • Create customized responses to skill deficiencies, talent shortages, aging workforce challenges

Who need a Futures Workforce Framework?

HR executives, senior government managers, trade association members, all of whom know that workforce structures and changing and that their organization’s workforce future needs radical re-thinking. Contact us to plan your customized program: 202-271-0903 or jjarratt@leadingfuturists.biz.

Who we are

We focus on strengthening the foresight that organizations bring to leadership and strategy. Recent foresight workshops and programs include: “Maine 2050” for the state Bureau of Human Resources; aging workforce workshops for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; workforce scenarios for Disney; futures exploration for the American Nurses Association. Since the 1980s, we have designed and led workshops and processes for organizations exploring workforce change. Jarratt and Mahaffie co-authored FutureWork, an exploration of the broad forces of change shaping work. Katherine Green is an expert in organizational development and leadership. We put our skills together to fine tune designs for programs that help organizations face the future, prepared.

More about us at:  www.leadingfuturists.biz/workforce-futures/

Insights daily on the future of work: www.facebook.com/50PlusatWork/ and www.twitter.com/50PlusatWork

To download this page as a pdf, click here: Workforce Futures FRAMEWORK.

*Scenarios are stories of emerging futures that enable you to see potential challenges and opportunities in a changing environment