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When I look at the future I see trouble. Call in a futurist?

Looking at the future, you don’t like what you see. In the next few years there are big changes to come, new competitors, changing professional demands, an operating environment that seems alien, unfamiliar.

Will your organization survive? Can it succeed under new and unknown conditions?

Important questions a futurist can help with answering. A futurist can work with you on these crucial steps:

1. Have you really looked at all the future, or just the scary bits? Almost certainly there is more out there, and some of it will be useful in crafting the innovations you may need. A futurist will expand your field of view. In the best outcome, you uncover promising new opportunities

2. Do you really understand the system you are working with? Futurists are systems thinkers and can help you discover insights about how your system works. You may have new friends and potential collaborators out there.

3. Discovering the future and owning the broader picture of what’s ahead brings a new dimension of “thinking differently” to your organization. Not tangible, perhaps but valuable in sharpening everyone’s ability to meet changes successfully.

Leading Futurists’ long experience tells us that organizations call us in most often when they face change they don’t understand or have the people, skills, or technologies they may need to cope with it.

Futurists can’t make potentially wrenching change go away. They can help you re-design your organization to be more robust in the face of a difficult future.