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Jumpstarting the Future: World Future Society, July 16, 2009

This page includes links to documents and other resources for registrants of the World Future Society 2009 course Jumpstarting the Future, led by Jennifer Jarratt and John Mahaffie, of Leading Futurists LLC, and Riel Miller of XperidoX. (The documents are PDFs, unless otherwise noted.)

Course overview

Jumpstarting the Future agenda

Course PowerPoint show (PDF)

Module 1: Exploring Critical Forces of Change

(See Course PowerPoint show)
Exercise/tool: “The Futures Wheel” (Word)

Module 2: The Future Now: Understanding Anticipatory Systems

“The Future Now” handout

Module 3: Putting it Together: How to Frame and Integrate the Future

Background article: “Reframing the Future,” Journal of Futures Studies, May 2009

Background piece: “Influencing Systems” by Leading Futurists, LLC, adapted from the work of Donella Meadows

Exercise/tool: “The Frame/Issue Blowout” (Word)

About the course faculty

Riel: www.rielmiller.com

Jennifer and John: www.leadingfuturist.biz/about/

Other links and resources

John’s blog Foresight Culture, covers the art of foresight, and emerging trends