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Getting started

“A Taste of the Future!”

Leading Futurists’s quick input session helps you jump start your efforts in exploring the future. Contact us to arrange a two-hour to a half-day program that can introduce your group to the future and get them thinking about important implications in one intense session.

You can use this mini-workshop as a team builder, as a prep session for change you know will be coming, or as a way to acquire tools and resources for understanding what is coming at you.

Click here to see a Sample Agenda

What you contribute to this event

You choose the group—we can offer this event for groups of five to 500 people!

You pick the time and date

You decide how it fits into your current work—perhaps as a new tool, or an alternative approach to your usual methods of getting the job done

You let us know what is important to your group

What Leading Futurists will deliver

LF will bring the program to your site and facilitate the session

LF will deliver a briefing on forces shaping the future, based on our “20 Trends in 20 Minutes” model, or one of these presentations (link to list of keynotes)

LF will consult with you about the content, the emphasis on your issues, and any particular tools or approaches you want to concentrate on

LF will provide paper and/or online materials to illustrate and describe tools as needed. See examples here

LF will follow up with recommendations on next steps, or a “press release” on key takeaways from your event

What your group will get out of their “kick start”

  • An introduction to thinking about the future and how external forces and trends are shaping their work and its outcomes
  • A “radar screen” of important future issues and trends to keep an eye on
  • Practice in using futures tools to enhance their understanding of how to include the future in planning strategies and next steps
  • A better, and shared understanding of their own and the group’s assumptions about the future

Why contact us now?

Now may be the time to rebuild better. It’s time to have a positive outlook, a vision, and plans for action that are based on reality. A lot of long-accepted ideas are being shaken up, some thrown away. It’s time to discover the new opportunities!