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Sample exercises and practice with futures tools

Sample take-away pages from materials provided to participants:

Scenarios: Practice with scenario ideas, using headlines to sketch the future.

Value: helps make future challenges and opportunities clearer and more compelling to people.

Integral Futures Analysis: Use of a “whole universe” approach to expand our ideas.

Value: explores information and actions not usually covered in environmental scans.

Trend Impact Analysis: a useful way to step from understanding a trend to considering its implications and its potential demands.

Value: aids a group to concentrate on the specific challenges and opportunities suggested by a specific trend, or trends.

Risk creation & assessment: The tool enables people to discover their assumptions about the changing potential for risk in a project over time.

Value: Risk perception changes over time but is rarely discussed in the context of the future, as it should be.

The Futures Wheel: With an important trend or issue in the center, a  group brainstorms the immediate consequences. Interesting outcomes can be pursued through their second and third-order implications.

Value: The wheel helps in developing the connections between emerging change and its consequences for society and/or your business/mission.

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