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Fellow futurists, friends, and associates of Leading Futurists:

Mike Richmond and Brian Wagner, PTIS and its affiliate Global Sustainability Solutions Incorporated, Kalamazoo, Michigan, are the premier consultants on packaging strategy and sustainable packaging.

Mary Jane Naquin, Informed Futures, Houston, Texas, is a futurist and world class facilitator and meeting designer, who works with clients who want to explore wide-ranging views, issues and interests.

Katherine Green, Green Consulting Group, Chevy Chase, Maryland, is an expert in workforce development, the aging workforce, leadership training, and change management.

Riel Miller, XperidoX, Paris, France, is a specialist in long-run strategic thinking who serves clients particularly in the area of socio-economic transformation.

Stephen Aguilar-Millan, European Futures Observatory and Greenways Partnership Ltd, specializes in financial futures, global strategic futures, and the future of the organization.

Dominique Jaurola, Hunome Pty LtdCEO and Founder Hunome, PTY, Ltd., Australia, futurist and entrepreneur.


We hope you will contact them if their skills and specialities match your needs.