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Kick starting the future: a sample agenda

Start time:

Introductions & warm-up session “In 2020 I believe that__________ (complete the sentence)

Collect and discuss the responses.

Part 1. Exploring the Future

Briefing “20 Trends in 20 Minutes!” 

Discussion, reflection

Group brainstorm and discussion of 2 questions:

“What trends/forces have shaped our (organization/industry) over the past ten years?”

“What trends/forces will shape our future over the next ten years?”

Collection of information, discussion “What does this information tell us about today, tomorrow, the future?” (If time, prioritization of key forces, issues)

Part 2. Working with the Future

Tools & techniques for managing the future

Group exploration of specific tools and evaluation of what each one is good for.


+Environmental/ horizon scanning


+Integral futures analysis

+Using a futures wheel

Use of these tools to understand the future and gain insight for strategy, near and long-term.

Evaluation tools:

+Assessing risk creation

+Charting opportunities & challenges

End time

Conclusions, recommendations