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Is your organizations’ story getting in the way of its future?

We are the last people to say an organization shouldn’t have a good story. Good stories are what people hear and remember about you.

However, there may come a time when you need to revise that story. Why? Because it could be standing between you (your organization) and a successful future!

Of course it is not just a story standing between you and your future (your organization’s). That story undoubtedly tells about the culture and the ethos of the organization, its past heroes (and heroines) and its historical experiences. When you change the story, you may also be changing the organization’s culture and strongly-held beliefs. This is so the organization can teach and learn new ideas and work with a new story that will open up new opportunities.

As anyone in an organization with a strong and long-lasting successful culture knows, this is not easy to do. We all know organizations and industries that have struggled with a culture that has to be changed to meet new challenges. Apple has been successful at it. Nokia is in the process of creating a new story, which it has done successfully before. IBM has done it more than once.

Industries that don’t manage change well usually disappear or are overtaken by the new organizations with a new approach and a new story that fits the future better.

We all need to be aware that the future can reshape old stories and old realities. Contact us to help you grow new awareness and build a new story.