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Is a futurist always a futurist?

There are many words in use to describe what futurists do and who they are. And some of them are even kind!

We choose to call ourselves “futurists” and the work we do is “foresight” or “futures research.” (See What is a futurist? for the basics of what we do) “Futurology” is also used to describe the study of the future, and the people who do it are “futurologists.” You might also see “foresight practitioner,” or “foresighteer.”

A search for “futures” or “futurists” can also bring up commodity trading futures or “futurism” the social and artistic movement of the early 20th century that began in Italy. You might pause a minute to look at some of their startling images before you go back to looking for us–the futurists.