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How big a stake do you have in the past?

The question is: will your stake in the past hold your organization back from future success? What is that stake? It could be a successful track record and a big investment in plants, properties, and approaches that made success possible. With all that holding you down, it isn’t going to be easy to reinvent the organization for a different future.

Sometimes the stake isn’t only, or mostly, investment. It can be a way of life, a hard-earned expertise, and a feeling that with a few changes we could go on doing well at least until (my) retirement.

Newspapers survived the change from hot metal type to computer-based production. It’s not clear they will all survive the Internet, even by going virtual and online. IBM has done well by innovating and changing its priorities as computers and their new uses evolved. It has learned how to create new value in changed circumstances.

Can your organization do that? Working with a futurist may help you discover some new opportunities.

We know it is not a one-step or easy transition to make. It’s important to set foot on the road though if an organization mired in the past is to have any hope of a successful future outcome.