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The Future of Packaging

Leading Futurists LLC’s packaging futures practice

Leading Futurists LLC offers consulting, strategic insights, keynote talks, and workshops on the future of packaging. Since 1997, we have led periodic multi-sponsor programs to explore and build strategies for success with packaging. We share daily, curated insights and links related to packaging’s future on Twitter at @packfutur.

Better with Less — Sustainable packaging design competition. John Mahaffie served as a member of the international competition jury.

The Future of Packaging 2030

Leading Futurists LLC and its partner Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions led their seventh Future of Packaging multi-sponsor program during 2019.

The Future of Packaging, is an invitation-only, triennial event that leverages the knowledge of a team of foresight and packaging experts to explore leading edge change and chart new strategies for packaging organizations. The 2030 program offered a future view of the packaging industry and the influences most likely to affect it over the next decade. Sponsors experience the future in the program by building scenarios that challenge their ideas about potential outcomes for today’s changes.

We anticipate the next next Future of Packaging multi-sponsor program for 2022, with sponsorships available by mid-2021. For more, contact John Mahaffie by email or 202-271-0444.

Examples of recent keynote talks and workshops:

“The Future of Packaging: Exploring 2030 challenges and opportunities,” New York, New York, July 2019.

“Imagining 2027: The Future Shaping Packaging,” Empack 2017 Helsinki, October 12, 2017. [PDF of SLIDES].

“The World in 2026, or, Six Tomorrows for Packaging,” Future of Packaging multi-sponsor program, 2016.

“Imagining 2025: The Future Shaping Packaging.” SONOCO Institute, October 2, 2014. LINK

“Imagining the 2038 DuPont Packaging Awards,” DuPont Packaging Awards, May 16, 2013.

“New Truths for 2035: Transformational Changes That Will Reshape Global Society,” Institute for Paper Science and Technology, Georgia Tech, February 5, 2013.

Some useful links:

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For more information, please contact John Mahaffie, Principal, Leading Futurists LLC at jbmahaffie@leadingfuturists.biz or 202-271-0444